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10 Ways to Use Technology with Your Child

It’s no surprise that technology is in almost everything we touch today! It is essential that your child understand how to use it safely and educationally - practice makes perfect after all. No matter how old your child is, there's a way for you to use technology together. Here are 10 ways to use technology with your child:


  • Play Computer Games You Pick Together. There are many games to download or play online that are suitable for a wide range of ages. Rather than force your child to play a game that is educational but dull, encourage them to play a game that interests them, or let them choose one from a group of options you pre-approve. Better still, play with them. :)



  • Play Question & Answer Games. Games that involve quizzes or questions (like Heads Up or That's Baloney!) can be a great challenge for kids. Question and answer games let you test your child on subject matter they are learning and teaches them to think on their feet. These games show them that knowledge is fun and valuable.


  • Introduce your Toddler to the iPad. While limiting screen time for young kids can be beneficial, developing tech skills early on will encourage curiosity in the years that follow. iPads and other tablets offer an incredible touch screen, allowing your children to interact with technology without typing. A swipe of their finger is all that's needed for them to engage with your iPad and several apps on it. 


  • Make a Family Album Online. Snap some family photos on your phone or camera and create an online photo album together with a free online tool like MyAlbum.


  • Get Moving Together with Pokémon Go. More technologies are encouraging physical activity - this is such an important trend. New apps like Pokéman Go turn your city into a giant scavenger hunt. The more you play, the more you move. It's a great way to introduce your child to the city and get them excited about going for a walk.


  • Make and Edit a Movie. Kids love to tell stories, and a homemade movie is a great way for them to tell an engaging tale using technology. Making a movie is an accomplishment they will feel proud of. Shoot your movie with your phone or camera, and edit it with free software on your PC or Mac (Windows Movie Maker or iMovie) or with a free online tool (like WeVideo), or an app on your phone (like FilmoraGo). These tools make editing incredibly easy and let you apply filters, transitions, overlays and text like a pro.


  • Take and Edit Photos Together. Start by teaching your child how to point and shoot with your phone or camera, then let them take photos of things or people they like. After that, use a free photo editing tool like PicMonkey which will let you edit your photos with ease and even add fun filters, effects, frames and icons to your images.


  • Compose Music Together on your Phone. There are many music composition apps for smartphones. Apps like Music Composer (Lite) will even let your little one play and record real time piano.


  • Workout Together with a Wii. If your child spends too much time glued to the TV and not enough time moving, Wii is your new best friend. Wii games like Just Dance Kids will have your kids dancing and signing with you to familiar songs in no time.


  • Set Goals Together with an App. Teaching your kids to set goals for their tasks, studies and athletics will teach them responsibility and accountability. There are many goal setting apps for kids like Goal Tracker and Habit List. Using these apps, your child can create a calendar of goals that can be checked off as they are completed.


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