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3 Things That Happen When You Learn How to Code

We’re passionate about coding – not only because it is a fun activity for kids, but because it is also a solid investment in their future. If your kiddos are in the process of learning to code, or they're considering adding coding to their roster, either during the school year or at a camp, here are a few things that you’re sure to notice:

More organized thinking!

When programming, your children will create websites, apps, and games – piece by piece! You’ll notice that they’ll begin to think about things more structurally, paying more attention to the order in which things are done. Coding is a step-by-step process, so they’ll be thinking of the steps ahead and about the steps that they’ve already done at the same time.

Faster problem solving!

Coding is used to control a program’s appearance and function. When something doesn’t work in coding, you have to work backwards and find the source of the problem. As a result of computer programming, you’ll find that your child will begin to think more strategically. That same tactical approach or mindset will start to show up in their decision-making.

Increased creativity!

There are no creative boundaries in coding. Your kids can design and build anything – whether an app or a website, they start with nothing and build it up with code. When they don’t need to necessarily follow a plan or a model, there are no limits!

The more your child master's coding, the more you will notice these changes.

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