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4 Signs That Your Child Will Like Coding

Coding is not only the language of the future, but also, the language of right now! At Hatch we believe that every child should learn to code, as it’s an increasingly important skill that will serve them well in their future. Learning how to code young also teaches children how to think creatively and solve problems. If you’re considering enrolling your child in a coding program, but aren’t sure if it's the right fit, here are 4 signs that your child will like coding:


Your Child is Interested in Technology.
A little passion for the skill is a great starting point. If your child has expressed an interest in coding, that may be enough to ensure their dedication through the learning process. Coding is a great skill for anyone interested in technology. If your child loves games, apps, computer programs etc., coding will allow them to not only interact with that technology, but to develop and evolve it for the future.

Ask Them: Would you like to build your own games?


Your Child Likes Puzzles.
Does your child spend hours trying to solve puzzles? Coding is likely for them. As a coder, your child will constantly be presented with obstacles to creatively overcome. The more complex the problem, the more variables (puzzle pieces) they will need to keep track of. They will learn how things are built with code and will be able to identify structural flaws (pieces that don’t fit), and learn how to build something from the ground up (complete the puzzle).

Ask Them: How do you feel when you solve a problem?


Your Child is Logical.
In coding we must regularly solve problems with logic. In many ways, coding is like a game defined by rules. A coder needs to follow those rules to perform well. They need the patience we mentioned above to break down the problems they encounter into manageable parts, and to then tackle each part piece by piece until they solve the problem as a whole. If your child likes to solve problems, or micro-manage tasks, coding is likely for them.

Ask Them: If a problem was hard, would you still do it?


Your Child is Creative.
Even though coding has rules, how you follow those rules is open to interpretation. Creativity is an excellent trait for young coders. Once they understand the fundamentals of coding, there is a ton of opportunity for creative problem solving. A single problem can be solved in many ways making a creative mind an asset. Creativity also influences why you code. Coding can be your focus or a means to an end. While some coders like to solve the problems of others, other coders prefer to create their own objectives.

Ask Them: If you could create anything, what would it be?


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