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Benefits of Coding After School

Coding isn’t just a fun after school activity - it’s educational and rewarding as well! And while we’re starting to see many elementary schools embrace the use of computers in the classroom, coding programs have yet to make their way into the regular curriculum. That’s something Hatch hopes to change.

Coding as a form of education teaches children how computers actually work with a view into the system’s inner workings and functionality. This understanding gives children the ability to tell a computer what to do and have it respond accordingly. That’s a skill to be proud of!

The feeling that kids receive after successfully coding a program or website sets them up for a lifetime of achievements. Watching television and playing video games allow kids to feel fleeting moments of success by completing a challenge or making it to the next level. The ability to code gives children a tangible skill that they can take pride in for the rest of their lives.

In today’s day and age, a variety of resources are available for children to learn code in fun and unique ways. Tutorials based on Disney movies, apps for kindergarteners, events and funded initiatives are just a few of the many code-learning options at our fingertips. At Hatch, we offer many fun opportunities for kids to get into coding, including after school and at lunch programs.

Like any new skill, coding is easier when learned at a young age. Fortunately, educational programs are starting to agree and we see them placing more value on learning to code. Some Toronto schools are encouraging their students to participate in after school coding programs they’ve started by partnering with coding schools in the area. As this new trend catches on, we hope to see more schools adopting coding programs for their students.

The benefits of coding are everlasting, regardless of future career choice. A fundamental understanding of coding and programming provides children with advantages in thinking, communicating, and processing new material.

Children who learn to code will have a plethora of opportunities in the job force, whether they decide to work in software development or a completely different field. And we can’t wait to help them get there.


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