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A Behind the Scenes Look at our Coding Platform

A Behind the Scenes Look at our Coding Platform

Hatch Canada teaches coding in a fun and engaging way in order to prepare your kids for the digital future. We do this through our online learning platform designed to give students real time and human feedback on progress. We’ve showcased projects made by our students in the past but we wanted to give you a behind the scenes look into how those projects are actually coded.



The Student Dashboard allows Hatch students to see their progress at Hatch, start or continue projects, or view projects from other students in the library. Hatch Canada currently has over 350 Javascript projects from students in our library.

“We encourage students to think about their progress as a path as they’re constantly moving forward and building on what they’ve learnt”

- Product Development Coordinator at Hatch

Hatch Student Dashboard

The project page allows students to create new projects or continue projects they were working on. This page is split into three and features an Instructions section which breaks down and explains the coding language in a clearer sense; a Typing section where students can type the code language into, and a Canvas section where the code comes to life.

After following the basic instructions, students are then given a set of challenges encouraging them to manipulate the code language to create different desired effects and better understand exactly what they’re doing.

Don’t forget to mark as complete so you can get your points!


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