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5 Reasons Girls Learning Code Makes the World Better

Coding Bootcamp: Learning to Code Online

How to Enter the Exciting World of Hackathons

Coding for Parents Results in Success

Your Children Can Get Ahead With a Coding After School Program

Kids Coding: Parent and Child Learning to Code Together

Which Is the Better Approach to Computer Programming: STEM vs STEAM

Hatch@Home: Learning Activities for Kids at Home

Computer Coding For Children: School Closures & Beyond

The Exciting Evolution of Computer Programming

How to Succeed at Math and Computer Programming

How to start coding as an Adult: Day 1

Learn to Code for Adults: Why & How

How to Make Coding Education Accessible for All Students

Teaching Girls to Code One Girl at a Time

Get Ahead of the Game When You Learn to Code at Home

Teaching Kids to Code Results in Bright Futures

The Three Rs in Education: The Necessity of Coding Education in School

What’s the Best Coding Language to Learn, Even for Kids

Discover Why Coding Is Important for Students, Especially Yours

Gain Future Skills With At-Home Coding Software

Teaching More Than Coding Skills

The Coded Curriculum: Let’s get Coding in Every Class! (Part 1)

Homework: No one likes a micromanager - not even your child

The New Industry Language

Ontario is Falling Behind in Teaching Students Programming

Mastery Learning - The Science Behind Hatch

Excellence through deliberate practice

Confidence to Succeed and Independence to Achieve

Why programming can be, but isn't necessarily, a math playground

Computer Programming and Pedagogy: Thoughts on Pedagogical Approaches

Spending time with professional teachers

Curriculum and Technology

Coding Education Facts and Figures

Naming our Software and Exciting Product Updates

All About Our Process for Product Development & Product Updates

How Coding Helps with Success in the Learning of Mathematics

Toronto: Peter Kuperman loves innovation, wants kids learning code

Kids Learning Code Is Like Long-Distance Running says Peter Kuperman

Does Your Child Have the Summer Camp Blues? Try Coding!

Soft Skills at the Heart of Camp

Toronto Summer Camp Kids Dream Big with Industry Field Trips

ABCs of Beginner's Coding for Kids

Top 5 reasons why STEM should be STEAM

Kids Learning Code Give Feedback on JavaScript, Python, and Coding

Kids Making, Coding, and Innovation

SUMMER SURVIVAL: The whats, whys and hows of camps in & around Toronto

Hatch is about life-long learning

Supporting Girls in Technology: Emmanuelle Deaton & Peter Kuperman

Why Should Kids Learn to Code? What Our Team Says.

What is Computational Logic?

3 Things That Happen When You Learn How to Code

More Than Gaming

Becoming The Creator: Supporting Hobbies with Coding

Get Social With Coding

Ways To Learn Code After School

Investing in the Future

Benefits of Coding After School

Behind the Scenes with Hatch Canada

Revisiting the Coder’s Code

Industry Experts on the Remarkable Impact of Coding & Programming

Field Trip Report: A Visit to Toronto's QuickTapSurvey

How To Learn To Code

6 Great Quotes About the Power of Coding

Meet Our Coaches: Matt!

Code Reveals a World of Information!

“You WANT the fun of Coding!”

Our Coaches Make Great Kids Coding Programs!

Hatch Welcomes New Members to Our Learning Success Team!

Helping Adults Navigate Social Media Through Hatch Again

Hatch Teaches Skills That Last a Lifetime

Behind the Scenes: 3 Industries Where Coding Plays a Key Role

Hatch Field Trips: Mozilla

When Cutting Edge Visual Effects Meets Code!

Playing in the Sandbox: An Exciting Hatch Field Trip!

A Behind the Scenes Look at our Coding Platform

Hatch's Coding All-Stars Competition!


What Hatch Kids Think About Typing

Hatch Canada Coaches Teach Typing!

The Benefits of Project-Based STEAM Programs

The Hatch Instructor Code

Hatch Canada - What Our Kids Do!

Out of this World Hatch Camp Experience

Hatch After School and The Toronto Heschel School

7 Ideas for how to Balance Technology with Outdoor Activities

For these Siblings, Coding is a Family Affair

Hatch Canada All-Star Gala Recap!

When Coding and Design Combine!

Yonge Lawrence Village Camp Expo - Who Else is Coming?

Yonge Lawrence Village Camp Expo - Who’s Coming?

Helping Your Kids Go to the Moon & Beyond with Mechanical Engineering

Jason Mah: Collaborating with Hatch for Engineering Lift Off!- Part 1

Hatch Makes Learning Happen!

The Coder's Code

10 Ways to Use Technology with Your Child

A Passion for Coding

The building blocks of Layla’s bright future

Superstar Kid Coder on What He’s Most Proud Of

Hatch Canada Proud to Be Featured in Ottawa Community News!

Meet Benson, a passionate Hatch Canada Coach!

4 Signs That Your Child Will Like Coding

When Your Dad Works in Tech...They Know How Important Coding Is!

Learning from an Awesome Kid Coder: From Playing Games to Making Them!

“A Perfect Fit” - How Hatch Gives Kids More Options

Our Toronto STEM / STEAM Summer Camp Invests in Youths & Community

Parents Need to Support Their Coding Kids!

Code and Create Anything You Like in Our Winter Camp Program!

Will My Child Like Coding?

Who are Hatch Coaches? Meet JiChu

The Coach Behind the Coaches at Hatch Canada!



Who are Hatch Coaches? Meet Angela

Recognizing Opportunity for Women and Girls in Technology


Coding is Setting Aidan Up for a Successful Future

The Next Big App... Created by Kids!

Why Coders Should Start Young

Preparing Kids Today for Their Digital Future

CODING AT HATCH CANADA: “Learning a Second Language”

Why Should I Sign My Child Up for Hatch Alpha?

What is Coding and Programming?

The Changing Tech Landscape

“Education and Open-Mindedness are Key”: After-4 on Hatch Canada

A Coding Kid Gives Free Advice About Kids Learning Code

“Programming Has No Boundaries!”: Hatch Interviews Drew Minns

Benefits of Hatch Alpha For Your Child

Digital Literacy is a Core Competency for Entrepreneurial Success

When Kids (or Triplets) Learn to Code: More Opportunities Always Good

What is Hatch Alpha?

Our Computer Programming Kids Have Some Great Answers!

Learning About Technology Helps All Students

Beyond the Coder’s Code: How Our Kids Benefit From Programming

The Importance of Keeping Kids Challenged

Get with the Programming: After-School Programs Making a Difference

“I’m a Proud Parent!”: Why Leslie’s Daughter Avalyn Loves Hatch

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