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Behind the Scenes with Hatch Canada

We recently chatted with the staff at Hatch Canada for an insider scoop about new programs, future goals and what you can expect over the next few months!

We also reviewed the incredible growth Hatch has experienced, from coaches to students to new partnerships on both a local and global scale.

Read on to find out more about what we learned from the Hatch Canada team!


What's new and exciting at Hatch Canada?

Hatch: We are very excited to announce that we’re building a new program targeted specifically towards kids who love technology!

For now, that’s all we’re going to reveal. But if you’re on our mailing list, you’ll be the first to find out more as we continue dropping hints.


Are there any milestones that Hatch has recently reached?

Hatch: An exciting new milestone for us is teaching our first group of US students through programs in Boston!


Wow, that’s super impressive! Tell us more about the company. How many students have you taught to code? How many schools have you worked with and how many coaches and Hatch employees are there in total?

Hatch: In terms of numbers, we have over 300 coaches and over 20 full time staff. We have more than 2300 students currently taking Hatch classes.

We are currently offering programs in almost 200 schools and we also run classes with partners like Staples. When we see an opportunity that we think would be a good fit, we go for it!


It sounds like you’re impacting a lot of students’ lives with coding. Looking ahead, what are some of the goals that Hatch is working towards in the next few months?

Hatch: One of the things we're most excited about is our project challenges. Students are encouraged to complete a 'challenge' for every program coded.  As an example, a base project may be to create a ball that follows your mouse - but the challenge for that project would be "create a second ball on your own" or "turn the ball into a happy face". These challenges are designed to ensure students think critically about every line they type in. We now have added tools to make sure we see how many challenges each student in every class has completed and we've seen this number go up every week since our school year started!


We can’t wait to see what the future brings for Hatch Canada and the new program additions in the works – we’ll check back soon and keep you posted!


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