Benefits of Hatch Alpha For Your Child

Sep 6, 2016 3:42:40 PM / by Team Hatch

As you’ve read in our What is Hatch Alpha blog, Hatch Alpha is a new learning program where students tackle more difficult coding problems using Python. What you might not know yet is the Hatch Alpha values that all of Hatch, from the instructors to the students, holds high. The benefits of Hatch Alpha are in the details.


Hatch Alpha is...

- Self-Paced! This program gives everyone the power to learn and grow on their own terms.

- Mastery-Based! It enables everyone to become wildly, creatively proficient in every topic learned.

- Student-Centered! We know that making self discovery the most important part of learning.

- Growth-Minded! Hatch Alpha encourages the belief that in every skill and area, people can get better at what they do.


Hatch Alpha students do 1–3 projects per year, creating “story-worthy projects” to talk about with family and friends, and in TDSB STEM school applications, university applications and job interviews. But Hatch Prime and Hatch Alpha offer more than just teaching code - your children and young adults will see a new world opened to them, and learn about different opportunities for their future.

Sign up for our Hatch Alpha Info Sessions in Toronto on September 14 or in Richmond Hill on September 15 to Learn More!

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