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Code and Create Anything You Like in Our Winter Camp Program!

Hatch Canada has a great Winter Camp Program that’s starting up again soon. This unique camp unleashes your child’s creativity through code. We caught up with Mina Tawadrous, Hatch Canada COO, to find out what makes the Winter Camp Program so different and fun for the kids who enroll.

What makes the Winter Program special?
The Winter Program is special because you can code/create anything you like. The program doesn’t follow the same structure as after school programs or $5 Friday - it's more unique. The students who come in are from all different walks of life - this can really open up a child’s social circle.

What’s special about the program is that when you come to the Winter Camp Program, everyone else who is there really wants to be there. You don’t need to find common ground with someone -- you already have coding in common.

What's a fond memory you have of Winter Camp from last year?
Watching the students finish a showcase project is really exciting. Someone made this really cool hockey app where you get to change the name on the back of the Jersey. Everyone in the camp group made their own using the app.

How do you sign up for the Winter Program? Is it full days? Half days?
To sign up for this program you must be between the ages of 7 and 17, and be located in Toronto, Oakville or Richmond Hill. The program costs $255 (tax-free) for four half-days of camp. The program will run from December 27th through December 30th, and again from January 3rd through January 6th from 9:00am to 12:30pm and 1:30pm to 5:00pm. Sign up online or give us a call at 416-546-5501 to learn more.

How do you like to spend your free time in the winter?
I like being with my family. Our Hatch Family also has family at home, so it’s a great time of year. My one-year-old daughter will hopefully be more awake this holiday season, so we’re looking forward to taking her out and about - to family events and watching her unwrap presents.

What's getting you excited about 2017?
Hatch Canada will be in 230 schools by January 2017, which is massive for us. At the beginning, we thought we’d be in 4 or 5 schools, so you can imagine how we feel seeing the number grow to 230. It’s a testament to our team and the community’s passion for kids learning about coding!

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