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Code Reveals a World of Information!

At Hatch, we witness our students’ quest for knowledge each and every day. However, we also hear from parents who are just as excited to see their child flourish and get excited about coding! 10-year-old Sean caught our attention when he talked about coding in his school’s newsletter, and we were fortunate enough to chat with his mother, Erin, and ask her about how coding has affected their lives.

Did Sean express an interest in coding or did you want him to learn?

It was both. I had heard about Hatch from my paediatrician when we were talking about extra-curricular programs Sean may be interested in, and it seemed like something Sean would love - as he loves both math and computers! But it was only when Sean did some surfing on the internet and learned about coding that he started asking, "When are you going to put me in a coding program, I really want to do it.” And that is when I registered Sean in Hatch.

How did you find Hatch Canada?

I heard about Hatch from many different people. I first heard about it from my paediatrician and then from talking with other parents who have kids with similar interests as Sean.

What program is Sean doing with Hatch?

Sean is in the Hatch Prime program. He really wants to do Hatch Alpha!

What other extra curricular activities does Sean do other than coding?

Sean also loves art and has been in an art program for many years. It has been difficult finding extra curricular activities that Sean really likes as he does not like sports. He is however, this year, on the basketball and soccer team at school.

Why do you think learning about technology is important?

In general, I think learning about technology is important because it is what the future holds. As I have read and heard so many times, the jobs that our kids are going to have don’t even exist right now and we cannot even contemplate what that is going to look like. So, having an understanding and an education in the foundation of what will shape those jobs in the future seems like the best tool that we can give to our kids. And specifically for Sean, learning about technology is and has been so important because it has allowed him to blossom. It has allowed him to realize that there is a world of information, stimulation, and creativity that he can access, even at his age.

That’s amazing, Erin! Thank you so much for sharing this with our readers.



Hatch is so honored to make such an impact on our students! Be a proud Hatch parent today, and check out our coding programs! If you have any questions, feel free to check out our website, or contact us at hatch@hatchcanada.com! Let’s start coding!

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