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Confidence to Succeed and Independence to Achieve

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We interviewed our intern, Nina Khera, about her experiences at Hatch. Nina is now a skillful programmer and confident in her capabilities. As an intern, she has been writing programs that we are using and incorporating into our software. It turns out we might be building our future workforce

Q: What was your favorite project you built with Hatch and why?
A: Arc spinner. It is fun to play and really satisfying to edit—changing colours, shapes, and sizes. Its fun to take control as a programmer.

Q: What was your best memory with a Hatch coach?
A: It wasn't about coding actually. I have Celiac. The coach took the time to get a lunch specifically for me and my sister, Anya. Summer camp was really fun.

Q: How do you think Hatch opened up options and choices before you applied for an internship with us?
A: It taught me a whole new language - I really loved it. Hatch improved my coding. Coaches made me feel like I could do web development using js.

Q: What prompted you to apply for an internship with Hatch?
A: I was thinking about what activities could impact my life. I thought about Hatch and asked for an internship.

Q: What is it about Hatch's learning system that you think helps teach how to solve problems independently?
A: You get a sense of independents when coding at Hatch. You are figuring things out yourself. Coaches supervise and help you when you are stuck, but the learning process is about you solving things yourself.

Q: What are you doing at Hatch in your internship?
A: I am helping to implement Hatch's new python comp, establishing Hatch's leaders in training, learning about leadership and improving my coding.

Q: What options and choices do you think your time at Hatch, including the internship, are opening up?
A: I don't know if it is directly related to options and choices, but I have learned how to work in an office environment and have strengthened my coding skills.

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