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For these Siblings, Coding is a Family Affair

It is always fun to have siblings sign up for classes and programs at Hatch, and Alex and Andrew absolutely love learning how to code! Both boys like computers and new technologies, and they enjoy being creative and using their problem-solving skills in our project-based activities. They love to learn and we love having them here!


Oleg signed up his kids for a six-month program after they attended a trial class. “Hatch Canada’ staff took my sons’ ages and skills into consideration and advised us to have the boys start by learning Java. They really enjoy it. They also practice at home!”

Since the boys can log in with their password from home, they can continue exploring new skills and create new projects after class. “They are patient and attentive to detail, they’re persistent – they never stop until they reach a desired result, even if it means asking their dad, the IT expert, for help.” Clearly, they are absorbed in the fun and challenges of coding!

“I see the joy that learning to code is bringing to my boys. If there were classes at Hatch for adults, I would attend, says Oleg (Guess what there are some classes for Adults!) “I already have some knowledge of coding and use PowerShell, but the new challenges and new experiences that come from learning to code would be really interesting and useful.”

Some of the new experiences might come in the form of future professional opportunities in our 21st-century world. Oleg believes that learning to code will help Alex and Andrew become more independent, self-directed learners as well as help them to monitor their learning and performance while they are working on projects and tasks. “Coding has no ‘right way’ or defined path,” explains Oleg, “which allows them the freedom to succeed in their own time and in their own way. They can express themselves in really cool ways with coding. It will develop their creativity and, of course, any career of the 21st century will include and require some type of coding skill.”

As Alex and Andrew continue to learn this new language, Oleg reflects on how glad the family is that they found this opportunity for their boys. “Learning a new language is best when done young. Like language, the process of programming logic and concepts can stick better and have more of an impact on the student when learned at an earlier age.” It is so wonderful to see how Alex and Andrew are learning and growing, and how their natural interests and skills shine through coding.

We are so pleased to see Alex and Andrew bringing their creativity, problem-solving and enthusiasm to their coding and cannot wait to see them at our next class!


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