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Get Social With Coding

Tell someone you’re a computer programmer, and they’ll visualize a person hunched in front of a computer screen for days at a time with no outside human contact. In reality, nothing could be further from the truth! Socializing is essential to coding, as most programmers must work, learn, and function together while building projects as a team.

Learning to code involves the same social element, as opposed to sitting alone in front of the computer screen. Many after-school coding programs and day camps foster bonds between the students as they work together to solve problems daily. ‘Show and tell’ is a big part of the learning process, and students will work together as a team to develop their projects.

Even online coding communities provide an element of socialization for children. These communities offer an opportunity for kids to develop relationships, offer support and learn from each other in the coding world.

Coding camps and afterschool programs, like those offered at Hatch, are project based learning programs which encourage socialization and teamwork. Not only do they teach children the skills they need to code, but the students create memories and friendships while working together on projects.

Students are often taken on field trips where they meet and learn from industry leaders in the field. During these trips, students are able to ask questions and present their projects to companies at the forefront of coding and programming. These presentations teach kids how to communicate effectively and express their ideas as related to the projects they’ve created and the skills that they have acquired.

Collaborative learning offers children the opportunity to share ideas and form bonds with the other students. Learning how to work on team projects that encompass technical skills and problem solving with others is extremely beneficial across all industries.

According to Laura Plant, the chief growth officer of Ladies Learning Code: “The landscape of careers that will exist in five, 10, 20 years is evolving and changing and technology is becoming so much more integrated into everything that we do.”

We couldn’t agree more. That’s why Hatch offers students the opportunity to learn skills today that will help them change the world tomorrow.


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