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We love chatting with the parents of our students and hearing about the impact coding is having on their lives… outside of the classroom! Spiro’s son Yianni has been taking Hatch Alpha classes for several years. Though Yianni has a wide range of interests, his attention to detail and impressive work ethic are perfectly suited to our Hatch Alpha program.


Hi, Spiro! Tell us about your son Yianni.
Yianni is an over-achieving charismatic 10 year old who wins the hearts of anyone who meets him. He likes his hair perfectly gelled and his clothes comfortably loose so he can play whatever sport he organizes with his buddies at recess.

Yianni is a couple of years away from earning his junior black belt status in the martial art of Hapkido. His discipline and willingness to commit to being his best at anything he does has earned him a spot amongst the elite students of the club. These are the students who have been handpicked by the Master to train and spar together in pursuit of their black belt.

Yianni has a keen interest in mathematics and excels in the gifted math program that he does once a week.  


How did you find out about Hatch Canada?
One year, we were looking for a summer program that would be fun and educational for Yianni. We enrolled him in a local computer programming/coding camp. He loved everything about it! This drove us to do some research to find a similar program that ran all year long - Hatch. He has been part of Hatch since he was 7.


When did Yianni start doing Hatch Alpha? Why is Hatch Alpha the right fit?
He started Hatch Alpha when he turned 8. He was recommended by his instructor at Hatch. We feel that it's a great thing for Yianni because it challenges him. Yianni has the ability to solve very difficult problems, whether that be math or just everyday problems. This is what Hatch Alpha is about. This is why we feel it's perfect for him.


How do you go about choosing after-school programs and camps for Yianni? What do you look for in a program? Any advice for parents about great programs or what to look for?
We believe that kids should be investing time in grooming themselves for a successful future. This includes programs that strengthen their brains and programs that strengthen their bodies! Fun counts as well! When choosing camps for our children we always consider these things.


What coding languages is Yianni learning? Has he built or created something cool you can tell us about?
Yianni is very sophisticated in Javascript, Python and to a lesser extent, C code. He has created a couple of video games which are both interesting and fun and have been played by his friends. One of them is similar to the old game Galaga.


Why do you think it's important for young people to learn how to code?
All young people should learn to code, as it is the language of the present and the future. No matter what kind of a career they should choose - when you are comfortable with coding you become the best at your game.


Thanks for sharing, Spiro!


Does your child need that little extra challenge to keep them engaged? At Hatch Alpha, we provide the coding “spark” along with strong mentorship and coaching to build coding expertise. Students also build a portfolio for friends, family, job interviews, and school applications. Hatch Alpha is just one of the great programs we offer at Hatch Canada. Learn more about camps, weekly classes and after-school programs. Click here to find out if our programs are right for your child!

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