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Hatch Canada Coaches Teach Typing!

Hatch Canada Coaches Teach Typing!

Some of our Hatch Typing Coaches!

Did you know that Hatch has a typing program? In Hatch Typing we teach kids how to master the keyboard -- a skill they’ll need in many potential careers. We make typing fun to help kids learn and practice this essential skill!

Typing is a bit of a lost art. It used to be taught in schools, but it has been more or less abandoned as a subject, even though most of us still use it every day.

"It's so different now. Keyboards are getting smaller so [kids] aren't learning the same tactile skills on the keyboard."

- Bridine, Hatch Typing Coach

Hatch saw the overwhelming need for kids typing lessons and launched Hatch Typing to fill that need. It is our goal to give the next generation access to this invaluable skill. We are also working hard to bring typing back to the schoolroom. We currently offer this program after school at the The Toronto Heschel School and many other schools across Ontario!  

Hatch Typing

We have received a lot of interest in this program! However, we try to keep our typing classes as small as possible, because we have found that smaller class sizes make learning easier. Our small student-to-instructor ratio lets us work closely with each class participant and ensure that no question goes unanswered.

At Hatch we are focused on building the skills of each individual that comes through our doors. If you enroll your child in Hatch Typing, they will improve in a measurable way. We test for typing speed and typing accuracy in the first and last class to understand and relay the progress that each child has made. We also share progress with parents online so they can watch as their child learns. “Parents can login from anywhere so they can see the progress and have their own login,” explains Carmen, a Hatch Typing Coach.

Hatch we are focused on building skills

We also understand that all children learn in different ways at a different pace. “Some kids take it as a challenge. They need to get their 3 stars to get accuracy and words per minute,” says Carmen. Whether your child is a competitive type or a wallflower, at Hatch Typing no one is left behind because everyone works at their own speed to master this critical skill.

“You start off at beginner and it gets more advanced.”

- Carmen

Want your child to learn coding or typing? Read about our amazing programs, try us out for FREE or email us at hatch@hatchcanada.com to find out more. Hatch also works in schools like the The Toronto Heschel School. If you want Hatch to teach in your school, please visit this page of our website to learn more. And if you loved this post, don’t forget to share it on Facebook to spread the word!

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