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Hatch Welcomes New Members to Our Learning Success Team!

The Toronto Star recently published an amazing article that's right up our alley. It's called: Teaching kids to think critically is crucial for their future. The article highlights the amazing work done by Dr. Garfield Gini-Newman, an associate professor at OISE and a senior consultant and the non-profit Critical Thinking Consortium.

Dr. Garfield is just one of the several latest additions to our Learning Success Team, which works together to give your kid coders the best possible learning experience.

The Learning Success Team is responsible for building the learning experience for our students. This means reviewing and creating the curriculum, suggesting changes to Hatch's digital learning environment, assisting the coaches, and more.

Hatch takes a student-centered approach and engages with classrooms by conducting site visits, data research, coach feedback and more. All this is to ensure that Hatch is making valuable changes that affect the heart of the learning experience and we push kids to engage with the 3 C's - Creative, Collaborative and Critical thinking.

Please join us in welcome these new additions to the Hatch team!

- Dr. Garfield Gini-Newman
- Laura Gini-Newman
- Dr. Jason Mah
- almost-Dr. Gabrielle Lancia

Is your child interested in learning coding? Read about our amazing programs, try us out for free or e-mail us at hatch@hatchcanada.com to find out more. If you want get involved at your school, please visit our website to learn more.


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