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How HR Helps Human Resources

How HR Tech Helps Human Resources

Technology is changing our world more every day. Do you ever try to imagine what it will be like when our kids are looking for their first jobs? Whether they are travelling in driverless cars, or working remotely from wherever they are, being able to read and write code is going to be essential in any career they decide to choose. 

When we think of Human Resources, we often think of people, not tech. However, in the same way other sectors are changing, so is the world of HR. HR is a fast-paced profession that looks different daily. HR is responsible for many different tasks, and HR professionals often seem to be juggling all day long. Here are some tasks that HR is responsible for:

  • Recruiting
  • Hiring
  • Training
  • Organization development
  • Communication
  • Salary and benefits
  • Policy recommendation
  • Team building
  • Performance management
  • Coaching
  • Employee relations
  • Leadership

Why Make Room for HR Tech 

Why Make Room for HR TechWith the integration of technology in so many areas of our workforce, it is no wonder that there is a space for it in HR as well. As in all other situations, tech is enhancing HRs ability to do the job. HR could not exist or function optimally without tech and coding. 

Initially (in the mid-to-late 2000’s), new technologies were adopted by innovative HR departments to reduce the use of pen and paper while capturing data (recruitment data, career progression data, training data, absenteeism figures, productivity data, personal development reviews, competency profiles and staff satisfaction data,). Before 2010, most HR professionals were slow to adopt technology beyond ATS, LMS, and HRIS. Those that did adopt this new tech often found themselves stuck behind a screen instead of with the people they were supposed to be serving. But the creation of data-driven platforms has radically changed the way that people do HR. 

Coding has kept the human aspect front and centre, right where it should be.

Why Coding Is the Future for Any Job

Although there is often hesitancy to adopt technology (let’s face it: learning new things is a struggle!), coding is the future. Here are some reasons why coding is the way to bump up your kids’ future job prospects:

  • Those who can code have higher salaries and job growth
  • Knowing how to code provides versatility for the job market
  • Those who code can work anywhere, doing anything

Hatch Coding will introduce your kids to the power that comes with learning to read and write code. 

Learning to Read and Write Code Is Your Kid’s Ticket to Success

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