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How to Enter the Exciting World of Hackathons

How to Enter the Exciting World of Hackathons

In the computer programming world, a hackathon is like marathons
During a hackathon, kids spend a short period of time (typically between 24 to 48 hours) creating, building and delivering a product. A team of programmers, designers, developers and project managers work collaboratively to design a software product.  

3 Benefits of Signing Up for Hackathons

  1. Speed and Accuracy: Participating in hackathons will make kids faster, more accurate coders. They are forced to solve problems in stressful situations, and do it up against a deadline, or they will lose. Taking part in competitive programming teaches kids how to be more focused on the task; they learn to not only complete the task quickly, but accurately. Although in real life not all coding is done under such tight timelines or stress, it’s good practice. 
  2. Teamwork: Regardless of the career path kids choose, most jobs will require them at some point to work in a team. The competitive programming of hackathons helps them learn to work with others to complete the same task. Kids will also need to accurately assess each member’s strengths and weaknesses in order to effectively divide responsibilities.  
  3. Great Entertainment: Hackathons are fun! Kids get to meet new people who love the same things, challenge themselves, create cool stuff, and maybe even win prizes.

How to Make Your Child’s Hackathon Idea a Winner 

If your kids are super competitive and love winning, here are some ways for them to put their software product idea above the rest:

  • How to Make Your Child’s Hackathon Idea a WinnerA creative pitch: Creating a good pitch could literally sell your kid’s idea - learning how to write a great one gives your child a lifelong skill. 
  • Pick a well-rounded team: Kids will need to be strategic with who they work with; they should look for teammates who have different strengths than them.
  • Come prepared: Your kids will need to come prepared to the competition - it could save valuable time during the competition. 
  • Be realistic: The world’s problems will not be solved in 24 to 48 hours, and neither will the world’s greatest software problems - kids will need to learn to set their sights on something manageable and prioritize. 

Right now Hatch Coding is offering an exciting event - Dev Dragons 2020! Your company buys "Learn to Read and Write Code" competition seats for your employees and their kids. After that, Hatch gives you the instructive software and runs the leaderboard. Imagine the skills you and your kids will build after 6 months of practice!

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