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Industry Experts on the Remarkable Impact of Coding & Programming

Over the course of the year, we’ve received a lot of great advice about coding and programming from industry experts. Many of these leaders agree that not only is coding here to stay, but that it has a tremendous impact on the world!

These experts teach us that a strong coding foundation creates limitless opportunities for kids, as the skill set is becoming increasingly necessary across career fields. Simultaneously, teaching kids to code gives them the chance to develop their interests and express their creativity. By exposing kids to this fundamental skill, you are giving them a chance to spark an interest in what may become their future career path!

Aaron Weintraub, the Senior Visual Effects Supervisor at Mr. X Inc., an award-winning Visual Effects (VFX) company, emphasizes how integral coding is to the work his company does. Aaron believes that coding, design and technical skills are necessary for almost any career path and giving kids the opportunity to learn to code provides them with a foundation where they can be successful in any career that they choose. He tells us, “Digital skills are no longer only required for a narrow set of specific jobs; They are now necessary for almost all avenues of further study and employment, let alone just being able to function in society nowadays.”

When we spoke with Drew Minns, a Senior Web Engineer at HUGE and a Lead Instructor Developer at HackerYou, he highlighted the impact that coding can have on creativity and it’s limitless opportunities. Drew talked to us about the opportunities that computer competency and coding have created and that largely due to its accessibility, kids can start to explore their interests in the coding and programming world. Growth is essential for society and Drew believes that the youth will ultimately move us forward. He says, “Programming has no boundaries, but also no defined starting point. All ages and genders start with the same amount of knowledge and grow from there. Because there are so many facets of programming to grow into, there are limitless opportunities for anyone.”

Dr. Jason Mah is a mechanical engineer, space industry alum and developer of the Hatch Space Camp curriculum. He spoke with us about the ways in which technology is embedded in everything that we do and that by developing a child’s interests, something might create a spark that determines his or her future career! As Dr. Mah shares with us, “Although space technology and physics may seem a little out of this world for kids – What you learn is that technology trickles down. What we came up with for NASA eventually affects your heating and cooling devices at home.”

We appreciate the time and insights from everyone we talk to. Check back on our blog soon, for more interviews with industry experts!


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