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Investing in the Future

In the words of MIT professor, Mitchel Resnick: “Coding is the new literacy. To thrive in tomorrow’s society, young people must learn to design, create and express themselves with digital technologies.”

We agree with Resnick. Learning how to code is an incredibly marketable skill that is valued across many industries. Giving your child the encouragement and opportunity to learn how to code is an investment in their future that sets them up for success.  

Coding instills computational thinking skills in children - the ability to communicate thoughts in both a structured and a logical way. These skills develop as a result of seeing a problem and breaking it down into smaller steps in order to solve it as efficiently as possible. This core lesson in coding shifts how children see and interact with the world in ways that improve their ability to communicate and solve problems daily.

Coding stimulates  and many other positive traits that give children an advantage in their prospective careers. As children learn to code, they become more comfortable with technology and develop fundamental skills that help them progress and impact the future.

Coding opens up opportunities for these kids, allowing their voices to be heard in a world of critical discussions and problem solving.

While it is important for children to learn technology, it is essential that they also develop their soft skills. Through coding camps or after school programs, children are learning to socialize and communicate effectively with other students - skills that equally impact their success.

Regardless of their career choices, a fundamental understanding of computer programming opens more doors for children and their futures. As they develop critical thinking and problem solving skills, they will be able to achieve success at every opportunity.


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