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Learning from an Awesome Kid Coder: From Playing Games to Making Them!

Our programs prepare students to enter the exciting world of programming, and that will serve them well as they grow up in our tech-forward culture! Here’s a great interview with one of our kid coders to help teach us about what it means to go from playing games to making them!


What are your favourite projects?
I really like games. After you make a game, you can interact with it. The outcome is always different depending on who plays it. You can make anything you want to make - like make one thing can chase another, or you could try and get ahead. Racing games are fun too.

Sometimes when I play a game, I know it’s graphically done (it’s a picture background) and there is no coding in it, but I wonder if it was coded, I wonder how I would do it. I’m thinking about what could be. Coding means each part is coded. It’s done on a computer, it’s just random.

What coding languages do you know how to use?
I use Python and JavaScript. JavaScript is better for drawing or making things you can see. Python is better for learning about equations and calculations. JavaScript is what people use to learn first - it’s easier. This means it’s better for younger kids. It’s more fun to finish something and see it, then move onto something more challenges.

How could you use your coding skills in the future?
It’s good to know how to use code because if something happens, you know what to do to fix it. I want to be a Robotics Engineer. You don’t need to code to become a Robotics engineer, but I want to be an engineer because I like inventing electrical things. I'm thinking about cool things to do.

What else have you learned at Hatch other than coding?
You make friends and you learn how to make friendships.

What other activities do you like to do during the day or after school?
I like to play a few sports and I like to play video games. I like to spend time with friends and I like doing projects. I like making something - hands-on work.

What advice do you have for other Hatch students?
Listen at the beginning so you can slack off later because you already know what to do. Look for other options than what you already have. In Hatch Prime, it’ll give you suggestions on how to do it. Later on, you can do it from scratch and you’ll find ways to make something work, but in 100 less lines. Learn how to do it from scratch. Doing it in less code takes less time and less space. That means efficiency!

Why do you want to be able to code?
It’s really good for when you get older, because if an opportunity pops up, then you can take the opportunity.

Thank you for sharing your experience with Hatch!

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