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Yes, She Can! Meet Mythili, One of Hatch’s Top Student Coders

Hatch’s online coding classes and programming for kids offer student coders of every age an opportunity to push themselves to learn, grow, and overcome new (and fun) challenges. Our full language JavaScript and Python sessions are designed to meet every student where they are, at any interest, capability, and experience level to deliver the right environment for kids to thrive. Full languages go further than drag and drop languages like Scratch.

At Hatch, we love watching our coders master their selected online coding classes — and we love taking a moment to shine a light on them and their accomplishments! This month, we’re celebrating Mythili, one of Hatch’s most ambitious student coders. Mythili truly lives up to our “Yes, I can” mantra, proving without a doubt that women can absolutely dominate the coding field. But, don’t take our word for it  — Mythili’s achievements speak for themselves. In twenty-one months time, she has completed 303 total projects and 702 challenges!

Mythili excels at virtually every aspect of our online coding classes for kids; however, she thrives on stacking concepts. She intuitively connects how skills learned from previous projects can quickly and easily solve new challenges.

Mythili Chooses Her Own Coding Projects 

At Hatch, we believe that the best way to get (and keep) kids learning new skills is to involve them in the process. Mythili is no exception. She curated her own list of projects to tackle that resonated with her specific preferences and interests. 

One of her favorite coding engagements? The Two 6-Sided Dice project where she coded in different variables, a counter, and even celebratory confetti for winners to make the game more interactive for players. 

Hatch Intuitive Platform Equips Our Student Coders With a Clear Path to Success

Mythili doesn’t just enjoy the challenges and projects she encounters on Hatch — she also loves the straightforward way users can navigate the system. According to Mythili, “The Hatch platform is easy to understand, you can do it by yourself very independently. You don’t need much guidance.” By providing our coders with the tools and support needed to navigate on their own, kids across virtually every age level can learn how to solve problems autonomously

Hatch Online Coding Classes Help Kids Find Their Starting Point — And Launch

At Hatch, our online coding classes are designed to suit various learning styles and preferences to ensure every participant can find their best starting point. For Mythili, her chosen starting point was a coding club that offered Scratch coding. 

Scratch, and other block-based programming platforms, help kids understand coding concepts without having to type. Instead, they use a “drag and drop” function, placing large blocks of coding instructions together that direct their computer creation on what to do. Mythili started with Scratch. However, once she mastered the process, she was ready for a new challenge — full-language coding! 

Hatch Doesn’t Just Help Support Coders — We Help Build A Coding Community

At Hatch, our passion is personalizing every coding journey to meet the needs of every coder. However, we also believe in the importance of building and growing our coding community. We offer various virtual classroom options so our participants can connect and collaborate with other coders. Hatch coaches are very active in our online community, ensuring every participant has exactly what they need for success. Mythili has been an active member of the Hatch community since we started with us, and she continues to connect with other community members to grow, learn, and laugh together. 

Parents Play an Integral Role in Our Coders’ Journeys

Of course, Hatch also prioritizes the parent experience too. We’ve developed a customized “Parent Portal” dashboard that showcases every child’s progress, enabling parents to recognize and celebrate their child’s accomplishments. Mythili’s mother, Surya shared her experience with the Parent Portal with us, saying, “The dashboard gives transparency to see your child’s ideas and projects that they’re trying out, so you can imagine what they will achieve with each level. It’s great for parents to be able to check in with kids to see if the path is clear going forward towards their goals,” she said.

Curate Your Own Online Coding Experience With Hatch

Looking for fun ways to help your child learn and grow this summer? Sign up for online coding classes at Hatch. Contact us today to learn more about our upcoming sessions. 

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