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Sri - Hatch Student of the Month

Meet Sri - Our Hatch Student of the Month


We first met Sri when she joined Hatch in April 2019. A creative mind from a young age, sheSri Akhilan_Top Coder of the Month started coding at age 9 and understood how it can open doors for her future. Sri has taken a keen interest in how coding languages work, and knows advanced JavaScript and is quickly improving her understanding of Python. She currently has her project up on our platform. Check it out!

We sat down with Sri to ask her about her experience with Hatch and what made her get into coding to begin with. We think you might find her perspective very interesting.

What was your first impression of Hatch Coding?

My first experience with Hatch was at one of their centers. I like Hatch because I can advance at my own pace and can choose what project I want to work on.

What motivates you to keep coding when it gets challenging?

My main motivation is my future, as I want to pursue a career in computer science. I’ve been trying to learn as much as I can about programming because I want to make my own programs and apps one day.

What projects are you most proud of?

My best project is my Showcase project - a recipe book. I got to combine all the skillsSris_Showcase Project_Recipe Book that I learned from the past year to create it.

My next best project is my Certification project - a drawing of a cat. It might look like a simple project, but there's a lot of coding elements within it. This will be a fun and challenging project for kids to do.


Was Hatch a helpful resource to have during school closures this year?

It was useful because it gave me something else to work on during my day once I finished my school work. It also gave me something to look forward to over the summer since I’m stuck at home a lot. I can go on Hatch, level up, do new projects and have fun.

Is there anything you’ve learned at Hatch that has surprised you?

Hatch has taught me time management skills. I’m learning how to balance my school work with the Hatch projects. Each week I make time to prepare questions for my coach to help me with during our 1:1 sessions.

What would you like to see Hatch build into its program?

I'd like to see Hatch create a volunteer program for teens. I would want to join and help other students learn to code and grow the coding community.


Meet Sri’s Mother - Meena.

Meena wanted to support her daughter's passion for coding - even if it meant a long commute to a Hatch Centre to do so. She knew these skills would help to shape Sri’s future and give her opportunities to succeed. With Hatch now 100% online, Sri can log in and continue progressing her coding skills from the comfort of home. 

Why did you sign your daughter up for Hatch?

She began coding in school and enjoyed it, so I wanted to find a place where she could continue to learn these skills. I found Hatch online and we went to their open house, liked the feel of it and signed her up. She took a liking to it, and so we’ve been with Hatch ever since.

What’s your favourite part of the Hatch platform?

The best part of Hatch is being able to see her progress with the parent dashboard. I can check out her projects, see what she’s working on and feel more involved in her learning.

Why do you feel it's important that kids - especially girls learn to code?

It is especially important for girls to learn coding, so there are equal opportunities for them in the tech industry.

What advice do you have for parents considering coding lessons for their kids?

Technology skills are important in the 21st century. Coding classes for kids can be a place for them to learn and grow. Parents can try them out first, if they enjoy it, they should nurture that skill at a young age. If not, they would have still picked up some skills. Each child is different, so parents play a crucial role in encouraging and supporting what their children like to learn. I wished there had been something like Hatch - with games to learn to code - when I was younger, as they didn’t have that then.


Sri is one of the thousands of students that have used Hatch to get into coding at a young age and get guidance from our expert instructors. We hand pick our instructors and ensure that they inspire and motivate a love for learning to code with all of their students.


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