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Our Computer Programming Kids Have Some Great Answers!

In front of the glare of the computer screen, we interviewed 11-year-old Jocelyn and 13-year-old Liam, siblings and Hatch all-star coders.


What do you like the most about being involved in Hatch?
JOCELYN: I can do so many different things with JavaScript, the possibilities are endless.

LIAM: It’s fun, kind of challenging, and the people there are nice and easy to talk to. Also, programming is fun, especially in an environment like Hatch.

What subject do you like the most at school and why?
JOCELYN: My favourite subject in school is science because it is the most challenging

LIAM: Math, science, IT and computers, grade 12 ICS (I do this for fun). I enjoy these subjects because they’re easy and very simple to comprehend.

Favourite candy?
JOCELYN: Gummy candy!

LIAM: I don’t have one, I like to stay open minded when it comes to food (excluding candies like jolly ranchers).

When I am older, I’d like to....
JOCELYN: I would like to either be a chemist or engineer.

LIAM: Right now me and my friend set up an account at upWork and we do mini programming jobs that don’t take much effort, for example: build a GUI based chat program.


Thanks for answering our hard-hitting questions, Jocelyn and Liam!

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