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Parents Need to Support Their Coding Kids!

Every coder has a unique story on why they decided to code.

Thanks to their supportive parents, our Hatch students have a chance to enter the world of programming! Sometimes, our programs are a journey for the parents as much as they are for the kids, and we appreciate getting to teach both generations skills that encompass our ever changing, technologically driven world. Today’s interview with an awesome parent of one of our Hatch students.


How did you and your son get started with Hatch?
We happen to live in a Hatch neighborhood. Hatch was just becoming Hatch, and we brought our son in for a trial session. He did some poking around and said, “Okay, I could do this,” and so we gave it a go.

We’ve been involved ever since - for a year and a half. The first time was a one-week summer camp program, and he enjoyed that. Then we signed up for a once per week program, and he did the summer camp again this past summer.

What do you think makes the Hatch program appealing for your son?
He likes the robotics piece. When I hear him talking about what he’s doing, I’m impressed.  I think that’s he’s stimulated and challenged...And I think he’s good at it.

What makes Hatch appealing to you?
I love that Hatch Alpha is taking things to the next level and is challenging his mind. I want to see his progress and see him take on new and different problems. He isn’t frustrated, which is good, but he’s challenged and learning – the pace is right for him. I don’t necessarily want to push the homework piece, but my sense is he likes it and he feels good about it. This is what I want to provide for him, whether that’s in coding or in something else.

How did you know Hatch would be something to interest your son?
Well, there’s lots of talk about STEM, and as a parent, you want to try to identify something your kid likes or loves. It’s about introducing variety in their life, to make them think: “I like this and I’m good at this and I’m getting better.” My son feels engaged and as long as he enjoys it, I will continue providing him with opportunities to code.

What do you think is the most valuable thing that Hatch teaches?
I happen to feel STEM is a valuable thing to get better at. I think it’s important because careers will be in STEM, and if you like it, that’s great. If you don’t - no problem, don’t keep doing it. My son happens to like it, which is great, so maybe it will help him out.

What’s your role in your son’s relationship with Hatch?
He gets a sense of satisfaction from doing this and that’s great and for as long as he feels that way, we’ll help give him those opportunities. As a partner or a parent, it’s important to enhance the strengths that your child has and to set him or her up for success. That’s my role.

Thank you for sharing your and your son’s experience with Hatch! We hope he continues to find a lot of success, in whatever he decides to take on.


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