Kids Making, Coding, and Innovation

May 8, 2018 4:26:00 PM / by Hatch Coding

In this blog post we look at why Peter Kuperman, one of Hatch's co-founders, is excited about kids coding, making, and innovating.

Peter Kuperman believes that in a perfect world, every student will have the opportunity to create and make something innovative and new that comes from their hearts. He loves toys, games, coding, and sharing those passions with anyone willing to listen. Making, coding, and innovation are essential to making Hatch fun.

The Hatch co-founder is no stranger to innovation. He grew up in Toronto with an artist mother and taught himself how to code on a Commodore 64 when he was 9 or 10 years old. He and Emmanuelle Deaton, his co-founder and wife, are thrilled to be building a company that's founded on community, equality and equity, and fun.

Peter Kuperman is inspired by the amazing work that Hatch students do every day. He was Hatch's first teacher, starting in the spring of 2014 with just a handful of students. Today, Hatch is reaching tens of thousands of students and hopes to reach millions in the future.

For Peter, who spent years on the Nike Farm Team, building the business is like a long-distance race. It can be hard, but it's always worthwhile. In 2015, he was thrilled to have Hatch's hackathon hosted at Google Canada headquarters.

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