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Kids Learning Code Is Like Long-Distance Running says Peter Kuperman

According to Hatch co-founder, Peter Kuperman, kids learning code is like long-distance running because:

1. Kids learn best - we all do - by doing as we learn. As a long-distance runner I achieved a sub-2:35 time because I trained regularly.

2. It's a skill that develops over time and that can start young. Kids run nearly as early as they start to walk. I don't think that kids should spend a lot of time in front of  a screen, but when they're old enough to type and need a creative outlet, computer programming is a great creative activity.

3. It's enjoyable, but sometimes it can be difficult. We've all been there - leg cramps, too early starts to the day, running in sleet - it just sucks. But sometimes it's magical. Coding is exactly the same.

4. Everyone can do it! Seriously. We're so proud of the fact that our computing immersion program is being used by kids with special needs and gifted kids alike. 

5. It's a great activity year-round! (Although coding indoors is a wee bit more pleasant than running in sub 20 degree weather!)


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