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“Programming Has No Boundaries!”: Hatch Interviews Drew Minns

Drew Minns, a Senior Web Engineer at HUGE and a Lead Instructor Developer at HackerYou, took some time to answer our questions. We talked about his professional practice, the impact programming has had on his life and the impact coding can have on creativity.

Hi Drew! Tell us a bit about what you’re up to professionally.
I'm a Senior Engineer at HUGE, an international design agency that focuses on using technology as the medium to create great experiences. As well as leading a team of developers, I teach part-time at HackerYou, helping learners discover coding and technology.


When did you first learn how to code?
I started coding over 15 years ago. Coding gave me an opportunity to create in a different format than most. As well, I was given an outlet for my creativity and curiosity within an ever-changing world of development.

Now that the world
is more developed, why do you think more kids are interested in learning how to code?
It's been said over and over again, but programming is here to stay. Not only is competency with computers becoming a requirement with every job, but the opportunities that programming creates are vast. Not all programming skills lead to web or software development. Programming can build on maths, sciences and physical products. Because of its accessibility, youth can explore interests much earlier in their lives.

Programming has no boundaries, but also no defined starting point. All ages and genders start with the same amount of knowledge and grow from there. Because there are so many facets for programming to grow into, there are limitless opportunities for anyone.


We see a lot of young people using technology to learn (like using Bitstrips to tell a story, or using Google to research a specific topic). Why is it important to learn how technology itself works?
Iteration and growth are essential in our society. Everything can be made better and youth are often the ones to move the needle on what's possible. We need them to create!


Thanks for your time and insights, Drew!


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