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Solve Crime: How to Become a Cyber Security Professional

End Crime Via Coding Jobs: How to Become a Cyber Security Professional  Security

With rapid advancements in technology, there is also a desperate need to protect all the activities we do online. From banking to blogging, hackers have found a way in. Cyber security is an exciting career, and a great choice for your kids, especially those who consider themselves true detectives. 

So, What Is a Cyber Security Professional?

Cyber security professionals are trained to keep a variety of online information protected from cyber attacks and other malevolent threats, such as phishing or malware. 

What Does a Cyber Security Professional Actually Do?

Cyber security professionals work hard to stay on top of technology and security threats using every type of medium (websites, social media, etc.). Other responsibilities include: 

  • Evaluating threats
  • Continuously reviewing systems to check for issues
  • Installing proper security measures and creating a protocol 
  • Keeping shareholders involved
  • Educating others about the importance of security 

6 Must-Haves to Succeed in Cyber Security

  1. Solid work habits such as enthusiasm and an eagerness to learn
  2. Soft skills such as communication skills and empathy
  3. Technical skills
  4. Implementation skills
  5. Management skills
  6. Ability to grasp the big picture

How Long Does a Cyber Security Professional Have to Go to School?

Although there are no specific programs for cyber security, the best path is a bachelor’s degree in computer programming or computer science. Following that, additional certificates would be beneficial, but the cyber security professional position is oftentimes based on experience. 

How Much Money Do Cyber Security Professionals Make?

Typically, salaries average in the $100,000 for most positions.

Fun Fact About Cyber Security

Fun Fact About Cyber SecurityThere is a security breach every 39 seconds, and it is estimated that the average cost of a data breach in 2020 will exceed $150 million. That’s job security!!

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