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Hatch Coding students turn ideas into code in our 2021 Game Jam Competition

Hatch Coding hosted a Game Jam Competition where students had 3 weeks to code a game around the "animals" theme and show off their creative problem-solving skills.

Students had to make up a game idea, then bring it to life through their coding skills. This process helps to teach one of our five core competencies, turning an idea into code.

There were 2 categories for students to submit their projects - Game Creation and Visual Display. Explore the winning games and learn about each winner’s process, challenges and key learnings in their journey to achieving coding literacy with Hatch Coding. 

Advanced Category


1st 🏆 Find the Animals


Matthew M. 16 yrs. Author Level 47
Dev G. 10 yrs. Intern Level 42
Justin T. 15 yrs. Writer Level 44

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2nd 🏆Game Creation 


Amol S.
11 yrs. Intern Level 49



3rd 🏆 Dino Explorer 


Mythili P.
12 yrs. Author Level 45
Goutham K. 12 yrs. Intern Level 19

Play the game!



4th 🏆 AmiAdventure


Nyles J. 
11 yrs. Author Level 49


Play the game!

Winners for Visual Display - Intermediate Category



1st 🏆 Retro Spaceman 



Martin S. 15 yrs. Writer Level 43


Play the Game!

Hatching Egg_2nd Place

2nd 🏆 Hatching Egg


Anjali P. 13 yrs. Writer Level 49
Sofia D. 13 yrs. Writer Level 47
Leianna L. 13 yrs. Writer Level 50

Lauren M. 13 yrs. Author Level 2


Play the game!


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