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Becoming The Creator: Supporting Hobbies with Coding

Many coding programs are starting to integrate playing video games and learning code, so that children interested in playing video games will start to understand the language behind creating them.

Programs are being designed to teach children about algorithms and computational thinking through lessons modelled as video games.


  • Fisher Price introduced Code-a-Pillar for preschoolers  that features 9 easy to connect pieces that when rearranged “tell a story” and reach certain goals.


  • Apple launched their Swift Playgrounds Platform an interactive app where kids can solve puzzles to learn the basic programming language used in some of Apple’s most popular apps through a series of program challenges.


  • Google started Project Bloks a research project aimed at creating an open hardware platform so that developers, designers, and researchers can build innovate tangible programming experiences for children.


  • Disney has partnered with code.org to offer computer science courses based on Disney movie themes.


Although each program offers a different spin, they all focus on making coding fun by combining it with hobbies and activities that children enjoy.

Hatch is unique from these types of games in that it teaches kids how to code. It’s a great jumping point to show children the kinds of fun they can have, and Hatch teaches the extra skills. You like playing these games? How about creating your own?

Most children grow up with access to technology and have social media accounts. Learning to code enables kids to fuel this interest by understanding the science behind social media its algorithms, language, and underlying programming.

Understanding the inner workings of favourite apps or games opens up a world of opportunities. Most programs nurture the ability for kids to create their own technology. For example, Tynker, a visual programming platform, enables kids to build their own apps while encouraging creativity, collaboration and the importance of being a “maker.”

Hatch is dedicated to producing these kinds of makers with a creative atmosphere where kids learn the necessary skills to become creators and innovators.


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