Benefits of Coding After School

Coding isn’t just a fun after school activity - it’s educational and rewarding as well! And while we’re starting to see many elementary schools embrace the use of computers in the classroom, coding

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A Behind the Scenes Look at our Coding Platform

Hatch Canada teaches coding in a fun and engaging way in order to prepare your kids for the digital future. We do this through our online learning platform designed to give students real time and

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Hatch After School and The Toronto Heschel School

Have you heard about Hatch After School? Our after school coding programs provide students with the chance to learn valuable technical skills and have fun while doing so. Using Hatch's proprietary

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What is Hatch Alpha?

Hatch Canada Founder Peter Kuperman gets very excited when you ask him about Hatch Alpha. “We’re going to give students the ability to build projects for the future,” Kuperman says, with a determined

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