Parents Need to Support Their Coding Kids!

Every coder has a unique story on why they decided to code.

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Part of what we do at Hatch Canada is to make sure that our students enjoy learning the coding skills necessary to set them up for the future. We also keep in touch with parents who are just as

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Coding is Setting Aidan Up for a Successful Future

We’re always talking to Hatch parents in order to learn more about their experiences with us. In October 2016 we had a conversation with Brenda whose son Aidan started taking classes with us in

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The Next Big App... Created by Kids!

As children grow up immersed in a world of technology, it’s no surprise that they would start learning how to develop their own software and games at some point. There is already a long list of apps

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CODING AT HATCH CANADA: “Learning a Second Language”

Every Hatch student has a different way that they were introduced to coding. Some were interested in learning more about computers, others wanted to learn how to make games. One of our students, Zev,

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