Toronto Summer Camp Kids Dream Big with Industry Field Trips

May 23, 2018 1:25:00 PM / by Hatch Coding posted in Events, Hatch Students, Industry Experts, summer camp toronto, coding, field trip, students


For the past several years, we've been able to bring many Toronto summer campers on industry field trips. It's an opportunity to have kids start to understand how their developing skills will help them in the future, particularly as life-long learnersTo inspire them, we visit local leading technology companies to show our students potential exciting career options and coding in action. Our camp has been so successful that it's even been featured in Owl Magazine and Our Kids! Keep that in mind when you're hunting for the best summer camps in Toronto!

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Our Toronto STEM / STEAM Summer Camp Invests in Youths & Community

Dec 12, 2016 4:14:05 PM / by Team Hatch posted in summer camp toronto, computer programming, community


Here at Hatch, we’re dedicated to paying it forward and giving kids the opportunity to explore their passions. We wanted to share a letter that we received from our new friend Matthew, an Inuvik Robotics & Engineering Club Coach, who helped coordinate a Hatch visit for some of his students. He gave a lot of thought about which camp was right for them, we're glad we were there for them - it was a great experience.

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