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The building blocks of Layla’s bright future

We sat down with Hatch superkid, Layla, and her father Faiyaz, to discuss Layla’s experience at Hatch Canada in Richmond Hill. Layla is an 8-year-old coder who discovered Hatch through her school. After learning about Hatch in a letter to parents, Faiyaz signed Layla up for two of our $5 Friday events to see what the program was all about. Layla is now a confident coder who helps others as they learn to code.

We know you love Hatch, but what do you like the most about coding?
Layla: That you can program anything, not just one specific thing.

 That is cool, isn’t it?! Very few young children to learn how to code. Faiyaz - why do you feel computer programming is an important skill for Layla to learn?

Faiyaz: Women are underrepresented in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) fields. It is important for us to ensure Layla receives the education she needs to help close this gender gap in these areas of expertise in the future.

We totally agree, Canadian schools need to encourage young women to code! So Layla, what coding languages do you know? Which one do you like to use and why?
Layla: I only know JavaScript right now but I can't wait to learn more.

We like your enthusiasm! Do you help other coders?
Layla: I do help other coders.

We like to think that coding helps people in unexpected areas of everyday life. Has coding helped Layla outside of Hatch Canada, Faiyaz?
Faiyaz: Layla is much more aware and inquisitive of how the world of computers and apps impact our daily lives.

Yes, coding is absolutely everywhere these days. We feel that to better understand the world, you need to know how to code.  Do you know how to code, Faiyaz? What's your experience with technology?
Faiyaz: As a scientist that studies cancer genomics at Princess Margaret Hospital, much of my research is focused around sequencing DNA from cancer. This process is highly dependent on coding and computers. My team works to ensure the appropriate coding and programs are developed to sequence the DNA in an efficient and precise manner. This sequencing process helps us understand how cancer develops.

That’s incredible. It must be very fulfilling work. We’re proud of our program because we feel it opens the minds of young children and teaches them that if they can dream it, they can code it.

Layla, what have you created so far using code that you're proud of?
I am proud of the Etch-a-sketch, partly because I love doing art.

Art is a great creative outlet and a wonderful skill to pair with coding. Does Layla participate in any other after school programs?
Faiyaz: Yes, Layla also participates in swimming and tennis.

Layla, we heard that you participated in a Rogers TV spot about Hatch! What was that like?
Layla: I loved it - being on TV was so fun.

Faiyaz: Layla had a tremendous time at the Rogers TV spot. She shares her experience with everyone she knows.

Love it. Thanks for chatting with us Layla and Faiyaz. We’ll see you around at Hatch Richmond Hill!


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