The Coder's Code

Feb 6, 2017 4:00:32 AM / by Team Hatch

The Coder’s Code is by coders, for coders. A reminder that a successful coder learns, takes risks and most importantly has fun.


I come here to learn and I come here to teach.
I come here to create, have fun and be awesome.
Everyone I meet here gets my complete respect.
I show respect in how I treat the space, the people in it and myself.
When I mess up, i own it!
I take personal responsibility for my words and action.
I cooperate.
I am kind.
I am courteous and thoughtful.
I treat other people in a way I want to be treated.
I work and play safely.

When it comes to CODE I take risks

I am a CODER

That’s a big part of having FUN

Helping means we all achieve greater SUCCESS


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