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The Hatch Instructor Code

The Hatch Instructor Code

The Hatch team is such an important part of our program and student experiences that we try to take every opportunity to highlight our instructors. With their guidance, our students, your children thrive in the coding environment we’ve developed. So here’s what it’s like to be a Hatch Coach.

Everyone Starts Somewhere

“The only coding experience I had prior to university is my grade 11 programming class. There were no opportunities to learn to code in a classroom environment prior to that.”

Ji Chu

“I first started coding when I was in grade 10. It was hard to understand at first, but in a year I was able to create my own program from scratch. I learned Python and Java at school and learned C# for fun.”


Everyone Starts Somewhere with coding

It’s about more than just teaching

“I love seeing the enormous amount of creativity that kids bring to the table and seeing them excited to learn something new.”

- Angela

“I love that part of my job is to help students see problems and to help them understand difficult concepts. Sitting down with the students and breaking down lines of code they have typed is really the best part.”

– Benson

“My favourite part is that I get to help develop younger generations in the field of coding. I could possibly be hatching the next genius programmer that will change our world!”

- JiChu

help develop younger generations in the field of coding

Coding and Beyond

“….code emphasizes the importance of developing skills that apply well beyond computer science and can be taken into the real world. Code enforces traditional literacy skills. It requires children to develop fluency in the language and to be able to manipulate language in very specific ways. Children develop logical thinking, computational thinking, the use of sequencing, problem-solving, and endless STEM and math skills and understandings.”

– Angela

“As technology evolves, the difficulty of the software also intensifies, therefore having good programmers is paramount to the success of our future.”

– JiChu

“Beyond helping us use smart devices, coding allows us to see the world in a new way. It makes us think more logically. Coding is just typing lines, it’s about getting from point a to b. It allows us to plan and execute plans more effectively.”

- Benson

Interested in becoming a Hatch Coach? Want to get your child involved in the exciting world of coding and programming? It’s so simple to start. Read about our amazing camps today, and email us at hatch@hatchcanada.com with any questions!

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