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The Importance of Keeping Kids Challenged

We’ve all heard that a child’s mind is like a sponge: constantly absorbing everything around them. As we watch our children grow, we get the pleasure of viewing their development first-hand. One of the most rewarding moments of parenting can be watching your child learn something new, from their first word, to their first steps, to their first day at school. As parents, we want to do all we can to challenge our children to learn more and embrace new skills along the way. Learning at Hatch is an organic part of this journey, and one that’s so beneficial for a child’s ever-growing mind!

Challenge Nurtures Curiosity
Children are naturally curious creatures. As we grow older, the amount of things we are curious about fades, which leads children to stop asking why. The natural interest in learning falls to the wayside. Curiosity is so important because it drives a positive experience with learning. If our kids are interested in what they’re absorbing, chances are they’ll pay more attention, understand details more easily and delve further into what they can learn. Once curiosity evolves into a genuine interest, kids will continue on their adventure to master more.

Challenge Explores New Interests
By working on new skill sets, children are introducing themselves to the unfamiliar and keeping their curiosity well-toned. Childhood is the prime time to explore new things and develop interests that will follow them into adulthood. When children are challenged, they embrace the struggle that it takes to overcome a new skill. Embracing that challenge helps them to break barriers and open new experiences that could, in turn, create more opportunities to learn.

Challenge Helps to Build Self Esteem
When a child struggles with something new or is stumped on a question, the challenge makes overcoming that obstacle more of a reward. We’ve all seen the spark of understanding when a child puts two and two together, and that can give them the confidence to push their boundaries to see what else they can achieve. Rather than just saying, “I can’t,” the next time they face a difficulty, they’ll embrace it once they remember the last challenge they conquered.

There are many ways to continue challenging your child; ask them open ended questions, share your interests or enrol them in coding camp. Remember that the struggle to learn is what makes the lesson stick and there is so much out there for your child to discover.


No matter what activities your child is interested in, there are excellent programs available to them. At Hatch, your children will learn coding and gain confidence in learning to problem solve. Learn more about camps, weekly classes and after-school programs, and sign-up today!

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