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What Hatch Kids Think About Typing

What Hatch Kids Think About Typing

Q: What is the one skill that most adults use everyday but is rarely taught in schools anymore?

A: Typing!


This is true! While most adults type every day - at home and at work, the skill is rarely ever taught in schools now. With the increasing ease of access to smartphones today, we’ve noticed many students are very proficient at typing on their smartphones but that proficiency has not translated to typing on a keyboard. At Hatch Typing, we take kids from touch-screen tappers, to real keyboard typers in a fun learning environment!

Currently, we work with a number of schools in the GTA to host our typing classes as part of our Hatch after school program. One of those schools is The Toronto Heschel School whose commitment to engaging and exciting every student made it a natural fit for Hatch. The school is located in North York. Students at the school have been very receptive to Hatch typing classes. Check out some comments from them on why they are enjoying and benefitting from the program. (Names have been changed to protect confidentiality)

 “There are many jobs where you need to type. When you're in college you need to be able to type notes so that's what I'm here for.”

- Jeff

“I joined the program because I want to learn to type. I assume I will be using these skills in the future.”

- Samantha

“My parents thought it was important for me to learn how to type in these modern times. I also think it's important. I 100% agree.”

- Anthony

Hatch teaches kids how to type

Our goal for the Hatch Typing program is to help kids master this important skill at their own pace so they can use it in the future. “Typing is a useful skill and it's good to put on a resume”, says Chloe, a Hatch student at the after school program for the The Toronto Heschel School.

The right education at the optimal time is so important. Once they have mastered this vital skill, Hatch typists will be well equipped to tackle university assignments, jobs and even coding! 


Is your child interested in learning coding or typing? Read about our amazing programs, try us out for FREE or email us at hatch@hatchcanada.com to find out more. If you want Hatch to teach in your school, please visit this page of our website to learn more. And if you loved this post, don’t forget to share it on Facebook to spread the word!

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