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What is Coding and Programming?

You’ve probably read somewhere that coding is an essential skill everyone should learn, given the ever-growing presence of technology in our everyday lives. This is great advice, but what exactly is coding and programming, and what do they do?

Coding is what makes it possible to use everything on our computers and smartphones. Every app, email or Facebook feature you use is a product of coding. Essentially, code is a set of commands that tells the computer what to do, but it is slightly more complicated than that. There are over 1,000 different languages of code, each used for different purposes depending on what you are trying to do (software creation, web development, formulas, etc.).

Programming is slightly different, as it refers to the text file written using a certain language of code or, in other words, the source code. At its very basis, programming is easy – all you do is write the code in a text editor, like Notepad, and save the file to your computer. Now, actually getting the program to do something is a different story. How a program runs varies, depending on what code source is used.

Like learning a new language, coding opens a door to a new world of possibilities. Suddenly, you will have a whole new skill set previously unavailable to you before! Coding helps you understand how computers works, so the next time you’re on Facebook, you’ll understand how or why their different features work the way that they do. Computer technology is part of everyday life, and coding can help you to contribute to that technology rather than just using it as a time filler. With coding, you can create a website, develop new software, or start a technology business for an app you formulated – the opportunities are endless.

At Hatch, our mission is to build and create amazing things that change how the world works. The first step to this is teaching your children how to code. Our focus is on Python, Java Script, typing, fundamentals of computer science and so much more. Our mentors help students develop skills by providing human feedback and counseling to build their coding expertise. We offer school programs and weekly classes where students can learn how to be more comfortable with computers and can create amazing things with programming. If you think your child could benefit from learning about the wonderful world of coding, get in touch!

Hatch offers more than just teaching code. At Hatch, there is a collaborative effort to bring your children an educational experience that will open a new world to them. Learn more about camps, weekly classes and after-school programs. Sign-up today!

Not sure if Hatch is the right fit for your child? Sign up for a free trial today!

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