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When Your Dad Works in Tech...They Know How Important Coding Is!

There’s nothing like positive feedback from a parent in the tech industry! We caught up with George, software engineer and father of 14-year-old Hatch coder, Zoe. George encouraged Zoe to join Hatch when she was in grade 7 and she has been enrolled at Hatch Canada ever since.

George works for Top Hat, an education technology company. The company builds software for post-secondary professors and their classes. George recently brought Zoe to work for Take Your Kids To Work Day in order to let her get a sense of what Top Hat does. He told us about all the parts of the company that she visited and learned from: “She spent time in every department: sales, marketing, recruiting, front desk, accounting, product management, and development.” Sounds like an amazing opportunity.


When George first learned about Hatch, he knew it would be a great opportunity for Zoe to learn valuable new skills. “Programming is becoming a tool that is going to be exposed to people in almost every profession,” he states. “Knowing how to code will open up a lot of different job opportunities. Not knowing how to code will limit options.”

With that in mind, George and his wife, Karin, asked Zoe if she wanted to learn how to code at Hatch. Two years later, Zoe is still enrolled and learning new things every week.

Zoe enjoys Hatch’s programs, and George is impressed by the breadth of what she is learning, and that she is still interested in growing her skillset. Zoe is currently taking the Python program, partially in thanks to her father’s interest. “When I found out Hatch was teaching Python, I encouraged her to try it out,” says George. “She describes it as figuring out things, or calculating things.”


We think Zoe hit the nail on the head. She’s figuring out the language of the future.

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