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Who are Hatch Coaches? Meet JiChu

We have a wonderful team of dedicated coaches and programmers at Hatch Canada, and we like to take every opportunity to highlight those who have helped our program grow and succeed. One of those members is JiChu, a coach in the upcoming Ottawa region centre. Along with teaching our students to code, JiChu is also working on a double major in Biomedical Mechanical Engineering and Computing Technology. We had the opportunity to sit down with him to learn a little bit more about his experience coaching for Hatch Canada.

What is your background in coding? Did you learn how to code when you were a kid?
The only coding experience I had prior to university is my grade 11 programming class. There were no opportunities to learn to code in a classroom environment prior to that. As a child, it was very hard to learn to program on my own.

What is your coding language of choice? Do you have any favourite apps?
I mainly code in Java and C++. As for my favorite apps... I enjoy Snapchat and 2048.

2048 is awesome! Can you tell us what your favourite part is about working as a coach at Hatch Canada?
My favourite part is that I get to help develop younger generations in the field of coding. I could possibly be hatching the next genius programmer that will change our world! I like the idea of giving children an alternative choice to the mainstream hobbies such as music or sports.

Coding is an awesome hobby and skill! Why do you think learning to code is important?
Right now we are in the information technology age. Technology is always connected to coding in some aspect, therefore having the skill to read, understand and write code is definitely an asset for employment. As technology evolves, the difficulty of the software also intensifies, therefore having good programmers is paramount to the success of our future.

Thank you JiChu for taking the time to teach us a little more about yourself and your passion for coding!  Hatch Canada wouldn’t be the same without you and our other amazing coaches!


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