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Will My Child Like Coding?

Will My Child Like Coding?

6 Ages, 6 Awesome Experiences!

“My child is nine, will she enjoy the Hatch Canada Program?” This is one of our most commonly asked questions. To help you understand the range in student ages and interests, take a look through these quotes from happy parents in the Hatch Canada community:


will my child enjoy Hatch coding for kids?


8-11 years old

“Reese is your typical 8 year old. She loves sports (swimming, cross country), acting, watching YouTube videos – especially Minecraft videos to get ideas for building her own world – and just hanging out with her friends.”

Avalyn loves computers and playing games on computer, and because of her natural curiosity, I’ve been trying to encourage her to get behind the scenes. She is diligent with details, and has no trouble getting focused on the task at hand.”

“Our daughter Jocelyn, started at Hatch last September. She has a different take on things. For her, it’s less about coding and problem-solving (even though she’s doing these things too) and more about the end result and what she can create. The gratification of having an idea and see her creativity come to life in front of her is what keeps Jocelyn engaged!”


at Hatch Alpha, Aiden learned logical approaches to problem-solving


12-16 years old

Aidan is in grade 7 and he loves science, math, music and any sports (playing and watching). During Aidan’s CCC preparation last year at Hatch Alpha, he learned logical approach to problem-solving. This skill is invaluable for anything he will do, professionally and personally.”

“Ben loves it. He’s going into grade 7, he is a fast learner, [...] he really likes his after-school Hatch classes. He is very enthusiastic about going every week.”

“As Liam continues to gain more skills, he is asking for bigger challenges. We are seeing him make connections and take on things that are often done by young adults several years older than himself. Hatch is helping to meet Liam’s needs by adapting their program for him with Hatch Alpha. With a week turn-around, Peter and Mina made sure he had something challenging to do so he could participate in the Google Canada Coding All-Stars event.

Zev got very interested in computers and all things programming at the beginning of grade 8. If I remember correctly, it might have had something to do with the whole Minecraft phenomenon. Then as I remember it, he started developing simple lines of code for other things and joining forums to communicate with others with similar interests. He is now quite fluent in many of the programming languages and right at home online for information gathering, consumption of music and entertainment and communicating and socializing with his local friends and programmers from around the world.”


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