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“You WANT the fun of Coding!”

Sean’s interest in coding first emerged when he wanted to expand his own gameplay on Minecraft, and his passion has been growing ever since! Sean was featured in a newsletter published by The York School, where he discussed five reasons why coding should be taught to every student: problem solving, getting a job in the future, engagement, adaptability, and minimal set-up. After hearing about his level of excitement, we just had to follow up to talk about how his journey with Hatch began!

Sean, can you tell us a little bit about your interview in your school newsletter? We thought your summary about why kids should code was great!

My interview started with how I learned about coding, and went on with research I did on coding. After that, I answered questions that Miss Ryan had (Miss Ryan is the Head of Curriculum) and that was pretty much it.

If someone is new to coding and they're feeling nervous, do you have any pointers for them when they get started?

Start simple and don't worry about what other people are doing. Work at your own pace because if you try to keep up with someone else that is not working at the same pace, you will miss out on the fun of coding. And you want the fun of coding!

We agree that there are going to be a LOT of jobs (1.4 billion sounds about right!) that have to do with coding in the future. What jobs do you think they will be?

I think they will be in areas like:

  1. Robots
  2. Software
  3. New stuff - tech is always changing, and there may be a new thing like Virtual Reality
  4. Gaming
  5. Healthcare

What job do you hope to have one day?

I want to build medical robots, or find a cure for Crohn's disease because I have Crohn's, and I know other people that do. But, I would rather build medical robots.

What's one thing about coding that you know now that you wish you had known sooner?

How fun it is to code. It is sooooo fun when you get the hang of it!

What have you created using coding?

All sorts of projects but, my fave was Snake 3.0. Snake is an old arcade game you move around the screen trying to get blocks and it gets faster and harder.

Hatch is thrilled that coding has been a topic that has come about in schools. Thanks for your time, and letting other students know about coding! Keep it up, Sean!


You can the Sean’s full interview with his school here!

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